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I credit John with helping me stay in excellent health by addressing concerns as they arise using very specific body / energy adjustments & manipulation.
-John L.

I worked with John a few years ago.  His bodywork technique is both immediate and spot on.  I feel his intuitive nature and experience allows for a more immediate self diagnosis to happen than typical.   Go and see John if you truly want to both hear and feel truth and take instant steps to healing. If you aren’t ready for this, wait until you are.  

- Clare M, LA & London

I am so impressed!  The heart, the depth the precision that John Davis exemplifies in his work is beyond measure.  If you are suck in some aspect of your life and things just aren’t working the way you want, come spend some time working with John.  He is a master at unlocking subconscious aspects of your life and helping you heal and transform. 

-Cynthia E.

I'm truly grateful that I've been able to work with John for over two years now.  When I first came to see John, I had emotional trauma and spiritual issues that affected me so deeply, they were manifesting as physical symptoms.  Through John's energy work, I've been able to get on the path to peace and freedom from the negative energy (habits, behavior, thoughts) I had accumulated over the years.  John's workshops have also been great; it's fascinating to begin to understand the background to much of the work he does in the sessions.

I wholeheartedly recommend John Davis as a practitioner to anyone looking to become (more) whole as a human being; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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